Welcome (Failte) to Angels Whisky Club - born out of our passion for whisky, whisky is all about people, we had to spread the word and let the world enjoy whisky.



MEMBERS PAGE whisky stories, the ANGEL BLOG & Newsletter   Easy to join & FREE BECOME A MEMBER. Charles MacLean; Patron of Angels Whisky Club, Scotlandís leading whisky expert. Whisky Guitars  amazing. Own your own Casks and own label bottles sales.  Perth whisky fest 2014 a grand afternoon of dramming and chat. The 2015 Perth Fest.  

WORLD OF WHISKY, NEWS & VIEWS BY FRIENDS OF ANGELS AROUND THE WORLD. HANS Offringa "We appreciate what you are doing with the club and happy to be part of it." Ernie (Ernst J. Scheiner) writes for Angels. Our Canadian pals; 'The whisky Connoisseurs Club'. CANADIAN WHISKY NEWS. German Angels. www.whiskyoss.nl Dutch website by Jeroen van Gaalen & Peter van Leeuwen.  Ireland; Kilkenny pub Tullamore pub and Dublin whiskey museum.  Finland Uisge Fest. ClassicDram whisky fest Moscow. Whisky Society Fellowship, find out hereHouse of Whiskey; NZ.   West coast May trip friends from Finland. Ian Horne, our good friend's website, see/buy many superb whisky gifts! www.whisky-on-tour.co.uk