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MCLEANSCOTLAND whisky tour sells out in 60 seconds!  Just one of our superb Scottish whisky tours. We can give you the best whisky tour ever! Just send your details to us, we do the rest. The 2015 Perth Whisky Fest - even more whisky, a hotel package to tie in with the festival, we live here in Perth, come and join us!  
We also offer grand tours on the Island of Ireland - whiskey tours north and south, lots of new distilleries to visit from 2015. Ireland; Kilkenny pub Tullamore pub.

Stuart Irvine @ Whisky Belfast BelfastAngel blogs. Paul's trip to Ireland Christmas 2014.

THE DRIVERS SHARE We hope you all appreciate your drivers.

The Drivers Share; An interview with our Irish whiskey tour driver; Mark Burgess, our Drambassador.

A dram for the club; Angels Nectar whisky.

Charles MacLean; Club Patron - a leading whisky expert. What he doesn't know about the whisky industry - you can write on the back of a stamp! Also, Ernie (Ernst J. Scheiner) writes for Angels, as does HANS Offringa "happy to be part of it."

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Whisky Wench a girl whose drink of choice is whisky and likes football!   Canadian members; 'The whisky Connoisseurs Club' and CANADIAN WHISKY NEWS.

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